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What kind of setup do you use with your kustom? [message #5964] Fri, 15 July 2005 17:04 Go to next message
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What kind of rig do you have? what effects and preamps do you use?

i have a kustom k200B-2 into a backline 410BLX and BOSS DD-3 and a BOSS DS-1. and I use a Austin(fender ripoff) with a Mighty Mite soap bar pickup in it.
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Hello. I have a lot of stuff, but both of my main guitar rigs are Kustom powered. The first one is a K200-B6 running a Jensen loaded Kustom 2x15 and a heavily modified Traynor 2x15 loaded with a Kustom CTS 15" and an Altec Lansing 515-16G. The second is K200-A5 running a Crate slant 4x12 and an Orange 4x12. My pedals from guitar to amp are usually some variation on this: Boss EH-2 enhancer, Boss CS-3 compressor, Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz Wah, Ibanez TS-7 tubescreamer, Boss DS-1, Danelectro rotating speaker simulator, and a Vox volume pedal. I have a bunch of cheap guitars i've heavily modded or rebuilt after being smashed by my friend, but I have some ones in nice condition out of the bunch. I mostly use a heavily modded Squier Tele with a strat neck p/u and middle postion phase tapped humbucker with stock bridge, a beat up '92 Fender Strat with an Epiphone SG neck, or my Gibson SG Special. I also have some weird ones like a Strat XII 12 string and an Eko archtop I keep in open E for slide. I play bass as well, but I usually use a pile of speaker cabinets including an Acoustic 406 2x15 ran by my Ampeg SVT-350 and a Crown power amp. I sometimes use my K200-B6 and the Traynor or a pair of borrowed Kustom CTS 2x15"s for bass too. My basses are two Fender MIM Jazz basses, one fretless, a Squier P-bass with a bound and inlaid jazz bass copy neck, and a MIJ Norma short scale violin bass. And that's not all of it.....Thanks!
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I've got a lot of stuff too. Too much stuff.

Depending on the gig and whats handy, I'll either be running through a K100 stack with Jensens or a reissue Twin Reverb (sorry).

I use the same pedalboard all the time though.

Les Paul into a FullDrive2, into a Line6 Delay Modeller, into a Line6 Modulation Modeller w/expression pedal, into the amp.

Playing mostly covers, I can cover a lot of sonic territory with this.

If I go to jam with a couple of players, I might leave the pedalboard at home and just carry along a reissue TS-9. I'm basically lazy.
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Hey josh....through the years, like most guys...tried tons of toys...the only one I regret selling was a marshall jmp-1 midi tube preamp rack unit.. I used it when I was doing a regular stage that did not allow for amps..so all my wet fx routed into the jmp and it did a decent job sounding like an amp on tape.

But for my regular work I keep it simple... no more racks etc...
years ago I was given an NOS BOSS ME-X expandible floor unit..it has the best Boss basics...stereo chorus, stereo tap, flange, verbs...full parametric eq...not a ton of stuff...just the foundation fx...then it allows for 3 stomp pedals to sit in slots and they can be programmed into the chain...the unit does talk midi and I used to have it switch channels on the marhsall etc..but its enough by itself..it has a tuner on board and accepts a roland voltage control pedal which I use as a volume pedal that doesn't impact the gain structure which is cool.
The pedals which are the most important part of this nutritious breakfast are : Boss compressor/sustain > Boss dual overdrive > boss parametric eq.
The reason I keep the eq, which is redundant to the eq in my board's brain is that its quick.. I can make very fast adjustments and not have to do scrolling through the brain..and frankly, once I get a kustom amp up to volume.. I don't need the parametric cause the magic is happening..but at low levels when the speaker is not shaking the wood and the amp is not really pushing..then I like to add a little bottom and some presence..etc..plus if I'm on a fly date..there's no telling what rental amp I might have to deal with so the parametric allows me to make significant adjustments quickly for amp, room size, volume, etc.
This is the rig I use for variety/cover tune work and I can cover most everything with it...on occasion I've been known to sub or add a boss metal zone and I do keep a Tube screamer in the bag but the combination of boss comp/sus pedal into an overdrive really is a more natural sound than a TS9. I can place this pedal rig in front of any of my kustoms and smoke a comparable sized marshall and I can hang shoulder to shoulder with mesa as well..no I'm not exaggerating... I often jam with some friends and one of them is a nut for the higher end production gear..he keeps things like a jcm800/50 1x12 combo and a mesa 1x12 etc...and we park our amps side by side...I'm talking my little SC100 2x10 or even my K25C 1x12..yeah, he can climb over my K25 on volume..but the tone is right there on that amp..and my SC100 2x10 or 2x12 rigs keep up on volume no problem...my overdrive tones are very lush and dead on for overtones etc..and the cleaner blues breakup is something I'm in love with to the point that it has led me to develop my style more to that direction than to say an LA tone..which is something I don't get as well from this setup...part of it is my hands I know..my technique is bad for LA fusion etc..but I've heard the newer BOSS ME-50? and it has more onboard..that'd likely be my next purchase when this old 1990s board finally dies...if it ever does..its been a tank...
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My 2001 Digitech RP-2000 works awsome. Cool Takes many hours to make the toneage but once you master any Digitech RP or GNX2, 3 or 4 You will be in control of your own tones. But I would really get a Line 6 Live pod box if the bucks were available. You just can't beat making your own tone action. Just takes time. Shocked A Fuzz box and a compressor work nice also. Play Loud!

Smoke1 Plays Kustom Amps & Old Tube Amps Loud in S. Maryland
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